Champion’s Choice Market Goat Jackpot & Doe Show
ShowDate: 12/03/16 ----- Location: Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman, OK
1. All eligible goats must be purchased directly from a Champion’s Choice Livestock Organization member. All goats will be confirmed as eligible by the individual breeders the day of the show when weight cards are turned in.
2. All goats must be purchased and in the care of the exhibitor prior to Nov. 1.
3. Exhibitors from all U.S. states will be eligible for the show.
4. Any Junior exhibitor ages 2 through 12th grade is eligible to show.
5. Wethers and does will be eligible for the show. Wethers and does will be shown separately.
6. There will be no minimum or maximum weight limit.
7. There will be no tooth rule.
8. Weight cards must be turned in by 9 AM.
9. There will be a 4 lb. weigh back rule. Top 5 goats in each class will be weighed back. Tolerance will be 4 lbs. of weight listed on entry card.
10. Wether show will begin at 11:30 PM. (doe show to follow)
11. Entry fees are due the morning of the show.
12. Entry fees will be: Wethers - $30 / Does - $30
13. Number of classes and weight breaks will be determined by the organization members on show day.
14. Exhibitors will be responsible for animal bedding.
15. Exhibitors will be responsible for all care and safety of animals while attending the show.
16. The barn will be open to exhibitors on Friday evening (4 PM) prior to the show.
17. Bracing goats will be allowed.
18. Champion’s Choice Jackpot reserves the right to refuse any exhibitors entry.
19. Unethical feeding and/or fitting practices are strictly prohibited by the Champion’s Choice Jackpot show.
20. All entries will be subject to random drug testing. Champion’s Choice Livestock Show reserves the right to collect urine samples for laboratory analysis on any animal entered in the show. Any exhibitor of an animal testing positive for any “performance enhancing” drug, chemical or feed additive will forfeit any money, premiums, or prizes to be awarded. In addition the exhibitor will forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit livestock in any future Champion’s Choice Organization sponsored shows.
21. All exhibitors entering the show by paying entry fee money and presenting entry weight cards to Champion’s Choice Jackpot, in doing so agrees to abide by all of the above mentioned rules.